Bullet Briefs(TM)

BulletBriefs is the wholesale site for the custom made. patented designed. products by BulletBriefs , including packing underwear, harnesses, chest binders, STP products, silicone packers and other transitional gear.

We are currently looking for Int'l retail vendors. If you have a webstore or brick and mortar address store outside of the US, and feel our products match your product line, please contact us, as we are expanding our Int'l retailers base. Check out www.Tranzwear.com to see the type of products we have available. This is our flagship retail store that showcases all of the BulletBrief designs and product lines that you will see on the BulletBriefs site. If you feel your business fits our product lineup, we are open to discussion regarding how your business might fit into our list of retailers. Please feel free to contact us regarding a wholesale account. You must have a web based or brick and mortar store, (not Facebook or Tumbler) a current business and re-sale license and Tax ID, from the country in which you reside. if you have any questions feel free to leave us your information regarding your wholesale account inquiry to Mac @ bulletbriefs@gmail.com

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